Forced shutters straight

Suitable for small and large openings with excellent rating as they provide safe protection and easy operation.
Prefered in using by  homes , private parking, shops, small warehouses, banks .            Shutters have no noise or heat protection.
By order or if necessary  this type of shutter has specially designed air holes for better ventilation and better view  into the interior so is preferred by shopping centers and pharmacies .
Each item is combined on rails in the drawer system.
Make up to 6m wide and 6m high.
Each roller blind is individually manufactured and available in 0,6mm, 0,8mm or 1,0mm.
Plastic parts and specially crafted brushes guarantee trouble-free operation.
Last roll blade specially stabilized 2mm wide and equipped with a kind of elastic pump to make uneven surfaces of the ground.

Our metal shutters  have specially designed light holes (7x12cm) to provide good ventilation and view insight .
 According to your needs and order available in all sizes . Automatic and manual operation system .
All models have special built-in safety that ensures operation even in the event of a power failure or deficiencies.
2 years of warranty 

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