Safety & Design

Mostly used in industry and especially where noise and moisture protection is needed. Warehouses, factories, production etc.
Very suitable also for household, private parking, car parks .
Manufactured in two designs solid metal or INOX.
Pre-colored solid metal or INOX 0,6mm in standard colors (white,, green, red and wood  ) .
Avaiable up to 12m long and 10m high .
Each blade is individually produced has a density of 11.5mm and is a total of 20mm thick and has a seal of 80kg / 3m.
Each item is combined on rails in the drawer system.
Plastic parts and specially crafted brushes guarantee noiseless and trouble-free operation .
Last roll piece particularly stabilized and provided with a kind of elastic pump to protect amd compress possible uneven surfaces of the ground .
Available as automatic use with Light Barrier, Radar and Remote Control.
All automatic  systems  also have a manual operating system which can be used in the event of a power failure or other malfunction . Manuel use by chain after unlock the electrical secure brake .
The ideal solution for large industrial halls, combine great safety, frequent use, long-term use with permanent use.
Due its excellent resistance preferred in use by large openings where wind turbulence is frequent .  Avaiable up to 15m long and 10m high .
Very asked in use of special places and halls like Ports , Airports , Airplaces .
Automatic Sysrtem  plastic parts and specially crafted brushes guarantee noiseless and trouble-free operation an elastic pump  protect and compress possible uneven surfaces of the ground .
Curved profile with small air and light holes F4mm diameter . High protection while providing light and aeration .
Available with various power motors all models with electric safety brake, manual operation system  after release of the electric brake.
If necessary, special metal hooks can be fitted to prevent the jump of the rollers from the rails .
Available in different colors and sizes according to belongs and order .
* Control  barriers are becoming increasingly common because their use is constantly growing . The main reason is that bars are  practicality, economic and ease of use. They are often used in outdoor and indoor areas in highly frequented areas which ensure a controlled entrance and exit  .
* The great advantage is a fast handling and a high durability during the continuous use. They are usable at any temperature and are simply to use at all kind of weather . Most operational areas are parking lots, motorways, airports, stations, etc ...
The barrier length is from 2 to 12m. They have an electric motor with reduction gears, which together with limit switches, switchgear etc. are protected in a dry metal box that is not influenced by weather conditions.
* The partial blocks of aluminum, rectangular or round cross section, according to the length of the passage, hinged or foldable .
* If necessary, a protective column can be attached to the end of the barrier. To be even more striking when they are closed, trailer parts or road signs can be attached.
* The barriers can be manually controlled with buttons as well as automatically with light cells and magnetic field signals or a combination of hand towels and magnetic cards.
* They offer very great safety during operation. In the event of a blackout  the barriers are easy to operate, thanks to the specially designed suspension system.
Removable bars
Galvanized steel sheet 1,5mm thick with a total length of 40-58 mm .
The stands have holes with plastic rings for holding the rods and mechanisms for holding and locking.

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