Store shutters

Security shutters  
The metal-made safety roller shutters are an economical and efficient guarantee for private, commercial and industrial safety.
Made of solid iron or inox with single or double compaction and are tested under enormous pressure on posture and endurance.
Inward and outward, perpendicular to rails, composed of individual pices forming a roll during retraction in the inner housing.
Easy to operate, fast and require little space.
Plastic parts and specially crafted brushes guarantee noiseless and trouble-free operation .
Last roll piece particularly stabilized and provided with a kind of elastic pump to protect amd compress possible uneven surfaces of the ground .
The roller shutters have a circumference F60 or F76 or vertical setting TUBO F139mm to 220mm without its suspensions .
A specially designed safety loop prevents sudden and uncontrolled fall of the shutter.
A specially designed electric braking device is provided for the safety of the roller shutters F60 or F76.
In the case of large openings where wind turbulence is frequent, suitable metal hooks can be installed especially to prevent the jump of the rollers from the rails.
Available as Manual with Safety Lock or Automatic with Light Barrier, Radar and Remote Control.
All automatic  shutters also have a manual operating system which can be used in the event of a power failure or other malfunction .
Shutters are the classic safety  method for every use .  
In the course of time, safety  shutters have evolved from classic safety products to architectural masterpieces . Objects that need safety are now equipped with special design  shutters so they are a piece of the harmony with building and environment .
In simple words :  
 Protect large openings 
massiv construction
Remote control 
Secure handling 
 Low cost
 2 years guarantee

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