Fire safety doors & shutters

Fire protection is very important these days .  Directives and regulations by law recommended  in the area of fire protection and have to be certificated  especially by using commercial buildings ,  industry , emergencies and public facilities.
* The fire protection doors are the most widely used product of avoiding flame transmission. The fire protection strips protect of overcoming flame and separate large storage areas also as  industries  where inflammable materials are used and manufactured .
* The use of fire safety is a first measure and necessary to drastically reduce the impact of the destructive effect of fire .


Steel protection in highly flammable situations
PORTOTECHNICA  fire and smoke protection doors are used in all industry sectors, public buildings, commercial areas, large garages and domestic buildings. Single and double-leaf steel and stainless steel versions ensure the individual fulfilment of all building requirements. Doors with thick or thin rebates, upper casings and modern glazing options offer optically attractive solutions.

All the new PORTOTECHNICA  fire protection doors are tested in accordance with EN 1634-1. During the test, a temperature difference of 180 K (corresponds to approx. 200°C) should not be exceeded at the individual measuring devices on the surface facing away from the fire at a furnace temperature of approx. 1000°C. The space-enclosing effect is additionally monitored. According to the number of minutes it takes to exceed the test criteria, doors are classified as  RE60  and  RE 120

This patented curtain is an improved version of the awarded Fibreflam Iso 3 but resists to fire twice the time (60 min.). It is the very first curtain of this class meeting all European requirements for fire doors and curtains. Thus it is placed in the EU-market with CE-marking and Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Temperature-rise after one hour only technology leads to a reduction of heat-transfer of more than 80 %.
Classification EW60 according to EN 13501-2.

Due to low weight, low space requirement and high quality Effertz fire-resistant rolling curtains have been installed in Europe a thousand times.

With this new technology Effertz enters new dimensions of curtain performance touching the one of EI-shutters.

This curtain offers you the same benefits as all the Effertz fire curtains like electrical drive with hold-open device, compliance with all European safety regulations 41 °C in a distance of 1 metre. Innovative coating
Fire curtains available by order .

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