Double profile insulated

Mostly used in industry and especially where noise and moisture protection is needed. Warehouses, factories, production etc.
Very suitable also for household, private parking, car parks .
Manufactured in two designs solid metal or INOX.
Pre-colored solid metal or INOX 0,6mm in standard colors (white,, green, red and wood  ) .
Avaiable up to 12m long and 10m high .

Each blade is individually produced has a density of 11.5mm and is a total of 20mm thick and has a seal of 80kg / 3m.
Each item is combined on rails in the drawer system.
Plastic parts and specially crafted brushes guarantee noiseless and trouble-free operation .
Last roll piece particularly stabilized and provided with a kind of elastic pump to protect amd compress possible uneven surfaces of the ground .
Available as automatic use with Light Barrier, Radar and Remote Control.
All automatic  systems  also have a manual operating system which can be used in the event of a power failure or other malfunction . Manuel use by chain after unlock the electrical secure brake .

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