Shelters & dock shelters


Metal  ramps are the ideal tool to carry in an easy and safe way goods from the warehouse into the trailer . Powered by Electrohydraulically  lift from the bottom of the warehouse making a bridge to the trailer  helping various loading aids such as forklift  , electro-motors, etc. to reach the truck´s trailer .

Characteristics of Loading ramps :
The base supported by a specially designed unit called (PIT) at the end of the warehouse.
This device is manufactured in two types  by request  .
The platform of solid metal  connected to the base and constructed with reinforced profiles type T.
At the end of the ramp is the cliff which fits exactly on the loading area. Powered by Electrohydraulic , easy operating system and clipboard to use .

Manufactured and certified with all necessary regulations of E.U.


Portotechnica dock shelters and dock seals protect loaded goods from adverse weather conditions and also save energy costs by minimising heat loss. In addition to this, they prevent draughts that could result in worker absences due to illness. When combined with a dock leveller, dock shelters and seals mean that complex canopies and ramp assemblies are not required.

Portotechnica  flap shelters fit all lorry sizes and can thus be used universally. High-quality top and side flaps, mounted on a galvanised, compressible frame, result in a stable and tear-resistant construction. Flaps and frame parts are manufactured as easy-to-assemble individual elements that can be screwed together. This also makes replacements simple and inexpensive. Inflatable dock seals and cushion dock seals for special applications complete the comprehensive programme

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